CHICHA – Ceviche Heaven

This amazing little Peruvian street food pearl has grown to become one of our absolute favourite restaurants in Berlin. Always friendly, always fun and always impeccably tasty. Except from the permanent menu where the flagship courses can be found (like the various types of ceviche, yuca and plantain) they also present special daily dishes – which in our opinion, is where the real tasting experience happens – simply delicious! Favourites among these have been broiled tuna and different variations of oysters just to mention a few. Not that we need to convince you any further, but this place also serves the best Pisco Sour in town.

CHICHA_collage_croppedScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 23.37.53

Area: Neukölln
Friedelstraße 34, 12047 Berlin
U-bahn: Schönleinstraße (U8)

East & Eden – Favourite Café

This place has since it opened about half a year ago turned into one of our absolute favourite spots in Mitte. We first heard about the place as “The new Danish café on Torstrasse” and we were more than intrigued to try it out. When visiting the first time and talking to the owner, we got to know that she was rather surprised to hear the rumours as she never promoted the café as being Scandinavian. However, you can clearly feel the nordic vibes going and the menu is a huge giveaway; “kanelbullar” and tuna sallads with dill…. just saying!

The atmosphere at East & Eden is always calm, friendly and easy going – perfect for a relaxed lunch in the middle of the week. A delicious coffee and carrot cake to round it all off is a must. 

Address: Torstrasse 141
D-10119 Berlin
(U-bahn: Rosenthaler Platz)
Open: mon-fri 8-18

THAI & TECHNO – Summer edition

Hi Guys. Remember our post from last spring about Thai & Techno? The time has come for another fantastic night with amazing food and tunes. The event will take place this Friday the 24th and will be at FluxBau. And this time we are sure the weather will be hot enough to hang out at the terrace. You can also check out the event on Facebook for more details.

Thai&Techno - holy beef stir-fry Thai&Techno - pad thai roll open Thai&Techno - pad thai roll

Where: FluxBau ­ Pfuelstr. 5 10997

When: Friday, 24 July 2015

Time: 18 -­ late

Cost: Entry 3€.  5€ after 11pm

Berlin in the heat! – Where to cool down

The weather is Berlin has been crazy hot and the only thing you can do is walk between places with cool drinks and hope to find a free spots and if you are lucky enough you can find a swimming pool. Haubentaucher is a relatively new place in Berlin where you can enjoy a nice beach bar mood with a beautiful swimming pool in the middle. Haubentaucher is situated on Revaler Str. 99 and we recommend you go there early on hot days if you want to get a free spot.

IMG_6693 IMG_6694 IMG_6849



Pros: beautiful and clean location, good vibes and good music. Fantastic swimming pool

Cons: gets really full on Weekends. You can not bring your own drinks or food

3 € Entry

Another great thing you can do and this is our all time favourite. Rent a boat. You can rent a boat in many places around the lakes in Berlin and one of the places we went this last Weekend was Müggelspree/Müggelsee. If you don’t have a boat licence you can still rent a boat for up to 4 people and prices are not too high. It’s so much fun on a hot day to go sailing and last Saturday was perfect as the temperature in Berlin was 37 degrees!! GOSH!!

IMG_8302 IMG_8310 IMG_8321 IMG_8346

Other places around Berlin which are fun to visit on a hot summer day;


-kleine badewiese





Prague – A Weekend Guide

Prague is one of our new favorite cities for a weekend trip – not only is it close and easy to access from Berlin – it’s also one of the most beautiful and well preserved cities in Europe. A couple of weeks ago we took the chance to go over a long weekend and had an amazing time strolling around, eating great food and drinking liters of tasty Czech beer. And the best of all, this city is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe.

Here is our top 5 for an awesome experience in Prague;

1) Best areas to stay
On our last trip we stayed in district 5. It’s a fantastic area because you can walk quickly to the city center and other nice sightseeing places. District 5 is one the other side of the river from the city center but it’s actually a beautiful walk between district 1 and 5 so we definitely recommend staying there. Other areas which are nice to stay in are district 1 and 7.

2) Sightseeing
We don’t really consider ourselves big tourist geeks, but we still always try to see interesting historical things about each city we visit. Prague is one of those cities where you can just feel the history. It’s unbelievable. So if you want to check out some sightseeing then check out these places.

St. Vitus Cathedral
Charles Bridge – psst… search for a golden statue with 5 stars and make a wish.
T Aker – A great rooftop bar with an amazing view!!
Prague astronomical clock – An amazing 600 year old astronomical clock in the city center.
Žižkov Television Tower – A great place to watch over the city. Also, there are weird baby statues crawling up the tower.


3) Restaurants
Restaurace Na Rozhrani – This Czech restaurant is just amazing, go there GO!
Dish – Delicious burgers

DSC05679_Fotor coll2_Fotor

BRUXX – Belgian seafood restaurant
DSC05838_Fotor DSC05833_Fotor

4) Café and a bar
mamacoffee – Get a seat on the top floor by the window.
Bugsy’s bar – Great cocktails if you want to treat yourself one night.
Bistro 8 – beautiful cefé in district 7
Café Lounge – Fantastic brunch

5) Street smart
– Every time you take a Taxi, say where you want to go and ask how much it will be. ALWAYS say no to the first price they offer you and say that you only pay half of that amount. They will pretend to be mad and walk aways. Then something amazing happens. Another Taxi driver will come to you ask what price you are willing to pay. they will pretend to be very offended by that price but still drive you. Trust us, it happens every time. At lest for us.

– If you are one of those people who likes to eat slowly, hold on to your plate!! Czechs are crazy about taking everything of the table that is not in use and they try any excuse to take your plate away if they think you have finished your meal. Maybe it’s only that we have gotten used to the relaxing service that Berlin has to offer but this was actually one of the funniest moments in our trip when we repeatedly had to hold on tight to our plates.
For more tips about nice places to eat and hang out, check out Taste of Prague‘s website. They helped us a lot!

GÄRSNÄS – Iconic Swedish Design

All time Scandinavian favourite furniture brand GÄRSNÄS is broadening their horizons and is finally also available in Germany! This is definitely worth checking out.. you can find them on for a few more hours..
I’ll just let the images do the talking..
Momkai graphic design tb.jpg_35387 tb.jpg_35390 tb.jpg_35378tb.jpg_35391 tb.jpg_35385 tb.jpg_35380 tb.jpg_35389